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Rohan2; Gondor Rohan opened its doors on April 5, 2017 and continues to provide non-stop service from
this date. Our game and episodes take their name from the cult work called The Lord of the Rings.
Rohan offers a better experience to its players with its own unique updates and stories
We have shapes based on this theme in the game.

Game Structure it is a game that has appeared in accordance with the wishes of our players, is based on pharma and where smooth trading turns. With its innovative vision, it is a structure that will greatly affect your trading and gaming taste without disrupting the structure of the game.
Our game is progressing through the Official structure and future updates are evaluated within this framework.

Rohan Theme The Three Rings belong to the Elf kings who live under the sky,
Seven of them are made of stone to the Dwarf monarchs in their palaces,
Nine of them are mortal people, it's a pity that they will die;
A Ring in the Land of Mordor in the shadows,
The Lord of Darkness, sitting on the black throne.
A ring that will rule them all, He will find them all,
He will deconstruct them all together and tie them together in the dark
In the Land of Mordor in the Shadows.

Main Story

At the beginning of time, there were three brother Gods who balanced life: Bahar-Taraji, the Goddess of Creativity, and Baljit-Elvedin, the God of Protecting brothers, and Beran-Setaou, the God of Death. When people prayed to the first two, unfortunately, they were afraid of the third. Over time, this drove Beran-Setaou to jealousy, he began to have a grudge and hatred. And in the end, the hatred of God became so strong that he killed his sister, the most beloved God of people.The death of the goddess led to terrible consequences. a long and cruel winter froze the world of people. Even the gods suffered. When Beran-Setaou realized his mistake, he went into seclusion. He mourned until his brother Baljit-Elvedin began to look for his cruel brother. But this is only part of the story...A terrible war broke out between two brothers who, when they found him in the cave under the ground, could not decipher about themselves. However, Baljit-Elvedin managed to get back to the world of people by sealing the cave. Since then, he has been a protective hand over them, preventing the world and living creatures from crossing over to the dark side.The location of the cave, known as the exile cave, is known to very few people - and connoisseurs also keep it a secret. The underworld and those who live there are ruled by the dark dragon. The dragon still harbors hatred for the living. And everyone who crosses his land will taste the power of his anger.

Types of Servers

We offer you two different types of servers via a single login.

Erebor(S1) - 1-120
Efes(S2) - 1-99
(There is no multi-language support on our server Efes 1-99!)


Language Support

Rohan2 Metin2 Multi Language

We offer you two different types of servers via a single login.
Turkish - %100 Supported
English - %95 Supported
Germany - %90 Supported
French - %90 Supported
Hungarian - %90 Supported
Italian - %90 Supported
Dialect - %90 Supported
Romanian - %90 Supported
Czech - %90 Supported
Danish - %90 Supported
Spanish - %90 Supported
Greek - %90 Supported
Flemish - %90 Supported
Portuguese - %90 Supported
Russian - %90 Supported

Coming soon Arabic - Not supported yet, coming soon.

New server
Metin2 pet and character

Rohan2 | Erebor section is active on Friday, September 23th at 21:00!
Join this adventure now! Registration and Downloads Coming Soon!


Don't open your eyes to other kingdoms in relentless and challenging territory! Protect your own kingdom with your struggle and get countless objects from this vast land using your strategic intelligence. If you choose your kingdom correctly, take advantage of the spoils in the upcoming "Kingdom Wars.

metin2 red flag

Shinsoo Empire

The Shinsoo empire is located in the southern part of the continent,its people are engaged in trade.While the empire had good trade relations with the east, it had constant problems with the west.Since the negative effects of metin stones also cut off trade routes,the purpose of these imperial people is to destroy metin stones, open trade routes as before and bring them to the entire continent.

Hecate Hero Character

Chunjo Empire

The Chunjo empire is located in the western part of the continent and is ruled by spiritual leaders. The empire was founded by the former emperor's cousin Yoon-Young,
the emperor's wife stated that the metin stones would pose a threat thanks to their magical powers,but it was too late to take precautions.Due to the negative effects of the metin stones and internal events,the Chunjo Empire is in open conflict with the east,and constant disputes with the south continue. The Chunjo people are still waging a war against the negative effects of metin stones.

Jinno İmparatorluğu

Jinno Empire

The Jinno empire is located in the eastern part of the continent, the empire cares about military power and war,its people are extremely aggressive and belligerent. The empire is ruled by Ee-Ryoong, the emperor decries the destructive and negative effects of metin stones and wants to use the destructive effects of stones for military purposes.

Roth Hero Character


Neutral zones are free zones and have no PvP protection..


Choose the character you can manage correctly, level up your character to the best level for both PvM and PvP. In order to make the development of your character more comfortable, check out the forum update topics and our wiki page.

Aleister Hero Character


Warriors are the leading soldiers of the war. They perform the most november tasks and overcome all obstacles with their muscular structure. Warriors 5. after the level, they are divided into two according to their november structure. They are selected Body and Mental. In the Metin2 game, the majority of players who play Warriors play mental warriors up to 30 Lvl. After 30 Lvl, they reset skills from Fortune Teller and switch to Body Warrior.

Theregar Hero Character


It is no coincidence that the ninja characters are carefully selected.They are known as very dangerous for their agility and skills, they grow up to be Assassins. As in every character, after the 5th level, in this character, they are divided into two classes as Blade-Fight or Archery.

Theregar Hero Character


Sura is an amazing character class with very powerful spells called the devil's seed. After level 5, Suras have to choose between the dark powers of magic.With this choice, some faces strengthen their weapons and get the name of the Weaponary , or get under the influence of black magic and get the name of the Black Magic.

Roth Hero Character


Shamans are strong,fairly wise characters with magical and magical powers.The help and superiority of shamans in a war is indisputable. When a shaman dec level 5, he has to choose between two shamans with different skills and do it.In this selection, one of the unique characters from each other has the Healing Force and the other has the Dragon Force.

Lycan Metin2


The existence of Lycans has long been a matter of legends and rumors.

Enchantment Rates

Lowest Rate Highest Rate
Max HP 1000 2000
Strength - Intelligence - Life - Agility 6 12
Max SP 30 80
Attack Speed 5 8
Speed Of Movement 15 20
The Speed of Magic 15 20
Chance to Bleed 5 8
HP-SP Production 10 30
Poisoning, Stun, The Chance to Slow Down 5 8
Critical - Chances of Piercing Strokes 5 10
Power Over Half-People 5 10
Resistance To Magic 10 15
Immortal, Demon, Mystic, etc. 15 20
Swords, Knives, Two-handed, etc. Defense 10 15

General Introduction

General introduction about the necessary system, event, map, etc.about the game. it contains the information.
For other alternative information, you can visit the Wiki or forum update topics.

- Game start items have a duration of 4 days.
Your Assistant Shaman, Pet, Passenger and growth pet will not leave when you teleport. Thanks to this, you can easily continue your farm after channel changes and teleportations. In addition, it will be enough to open your brands once. Start developing by focusing on the game faster.
- Although we reserve the right to change, our starting sets will be as follows.
x1 Mystical Oracle Mounts (Manu) - The rotation speed is fine.
x1 Auxiliary Shaman (Dragon Force)
x1 Auto Hunt
x1 Bravery Cape (Unlimited)
x1 Metin Stone Detector (Unlimited)
x1 Potion Bag
x1 Weapon Skin Token
x1 Pieces of Soldier Horse Book
x1 Pieces Red Grim Reaper Costume Set
x1 Mystical Oracle Cat and derivative pet (subject to change) and Brand will be Potions.
New Pin Code Details;
In order to enter your character, you must enter the pin code. To create a pin code for the first time, you have to enter five unique digit. The passwords you create cannot be consecutive and simple sequential numbers. You can get rid of constantly entering a pid code by using the Remember me option on the pin screen. If you want to change or reset your Pin code, just visit our website.

- You can open your shop with the package you received from the seller or through the button in the inventory.
You can set up your shops offline as 24 hours or 48 hours. You can see and edit your shop through the button located on the mini-map. You can add an object to the shop from here or remove the object you have placed. Each character can open a maximum of 2 shops.

- You can add more objects by unlocking your personal shop.
The locks that you open with the Shop Expansion object are permanent. Just click on the locked slots while you have Shop expansion in your inventory. You can increase the duration of your active shop by placing an object in the editing slot. Shop You will be able to earn Shop points when you drag this object from the parchment to the slot in the market editing area. Shop points you earn reach 500, you can add 5 hours of time to the shop..

- It is closed by the system after the expiration of your Shop or when all your objects are purchased.
You can get money for your sold objects or unsold objects from the gift box at the bottom left.
You can't set up a Shop without receiving your assets from the gift box.

There is no need to have packages in your inventory anymore.
Shop You can open your market with the offline shop button.

- Shops You can attract attention to your market by giving new views to your markets.
You can have these looks with different Cashmere packages.
Cashmere packages can be obtained from dungeons.

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You can open the Trading Mirror the search button located next to the inventory.
In order to make a search, you must have a trading mirror at your inventory. You can get trading mirror through the seller.

The shop glass allows you to buy the selected item directly without going to the market. If player has open to the shop editor window, the player's shop items will not be available in the search results. The one who acts quickly, wins! If more than one player gives purchase instructions for the same item, he gets the item that is fast. You will not pay any connection or roaming fees for this use.
Important Notice: The Decal / Decal Mirror you will buy from the Seller will only make a call.
In order to make a remote purchase, you must obtain the Trade Mirror+ object.

The shop glass allows you to buy the selected item directly without going to the market. If player has open to the shop editor window, the player's shop items will not be available in the search results. The one who acts quickly, wins! If more than one player gives purchase instructions for the same item, he gets the item that is fast. You will not pay any connection or roaming fees for this use.
Important Notice: The Decal / Decal Mirror you will buy from the Seller will only make a call.
In order to make a remote purchase, you must obtain the Trade Mirror+ object.


You can give biologist objects without waiting until the Red Ghost Tree Branch.

Bera's Heart
It instantly resets the time in the biologist's research, if there is no active use. The extract used cannot be undone.
The Orc's Tooth
Time Limit: No Time Limit
The Devil's Memory
Time Limit: No Time Limit
Curse Book
Time Limit: No Time Limit
Ice Ball
Time Limit: No Time Limit
Zelkova Branch
Time Limit: No Time Limit
Tugyis Sign
Time Limit: No Time Limit
Red Ghost Tree Branch
Time Limit: No Time Limit
Notes of the Leaders
Time Limit: 30 Minutes
Jewels of Resentment
Time Limit: 45 Minutes
Jewels of Wisdom
Time Limit: 60 Minutes
Exile Vein Crystal
Time Limit: 60 Minutes

Biologist Window Button
You can access the Biologist Window button either by pressing the "X" key or by clicking the "Expand Chat" button..

Biologist Chaegirab
Our biologist system allows you to be with your character wherever you are, it allows you to provide the necessary materials to perform your tasks at any time. It also tells you how long it has been left, the amount of goods you need to deliver. Biologist C. complete tasks remotely without having to bother!
Dream Spirit: Increases attack damage, Sky Spirit: Increases skill damage
Soul Booster-Randomly increases the Attack damage or Skill damage of Souls.
Soul Repeater - + 50 renews the remaining attacks of Souls.
The Soul Iterator repeats the remaining attacks of+ - Souls to the maximum value.
- The effects are valid only in PVE. It doesn't apply in PvP or when you transform. The effect of a spirit can only be activated when the game time shown in the tool help is reached. Both spirits can be activated at the same time. An active spirit surrounds you like a sphere. Each soul contains a predetermined amount of attacks. This amount is displayed in the tool help. The dream spirit acts on each blow that is struck against the enemy. The celestial spirit, on the other hand, acts as a skill against the enemy. You can raise the ratings of your spirits and thereby improve them. For this you will need the following items from the object store:
You can raise the level of your spirits, thereby improving them. Spirit Scroll – Raises the rating of your soul to two levels. The operation may fail. When you increase the degree of your psyche, its effect and validity period will increase, the number of attacks will expire.

- The following degrees are available:
* Shimmering Spirit (Playing Time: 1 Hour / Validity: 1 Day)
* Iridescent spirit (Playing Time: 2 Hours / Validity: 2 Days)
* Prismatic spirit Play Time: 3 Hours / Validity: 3 Days
* Enlightened Soul (Playing Time: 3 Hours / Validity: 7 Days

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The aura suit can be upgraded and reach higher levels with development. Thus, the suction rate of the values is increased. You can upgrade your aura suit with ice runes of aura falling from monsters.The possibility of development opens up at certain levels (49, 99, 149, 199, 249). The suction ratio of the values varies depending on the levels. Aura values of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and shields can be transferred to the clothing. The item whose values are transferred is destroyed in this process. Added special sound effect to the aura when sending and wearing to the development screen.
General Rules;
[Aura] Only aura can be added to the garment, shield, necklace, earrings and bracelet.
[Aura] Only aura clothing and aura upgrade material can be added to the window.
[Aura] 50,000,000 Yang is needed to develop and upgrade the Aura suit.
[Aura] It does not work with soul-bound items.
[Aura] It will not work with an aura suit, on which an item has already been transferred.
[Aura] You can upgrade the Aura suit only after you have improved it.
General Aura Clothing
With a certain suction rate, you can transfer the value of jewelry to aura clothing. You can upgrade your Aura suit with the aura's ice runes. It can be upgraded to level 49 and improved from level 50.
Simple Aura Clothing
With a certain suction rate, you can transfer the value of jewelry to aura clothing. You can upgrade your Aura suit with the aura's ice runes. Level 99 can be improved as of.
Noble Aura Clothing
With a certain suction rate, you can transfer the value of jewelry to aura clothing. You can upgrade your Aura suit with the aura's ice runes. Level 149 can be improved as of.
Sparkling Aura Clothing
With a certain suction rate, you can transfer the value of jewelry to aura clothing. You can upgrade your Aura suit with the aura's ice runes. The level can be improved as of 199.
Flashy Aura Suit
With a certain suction rate, you can transfer the value of jewelry to aura clothing. You can upgrade your Aura suit with the aura's ice runes. Level 249 can be improved as of.
Bright Aura Clothing
With a certain suction rate, you can transfer the value of jewelry to aura clothing.
The Ice Runic of the Aura
Aura is the material necessary to raise the garment. Go to Teovahdan to upgrade the Aura suit.
The Fire Runic of the Aura (10)
Aura is the material necessary to raise the garment. Go to Teovahdan to upgrade the Aura suit.

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The Amulets, Like Other Items, are equipped with 4 Enchantments with Ancient Augmentation Paper and 5 with the Orb of Blessing.In total, there are 6 Spells That you can Add to the Spell. You Can Develop Talismans With The Help Of Combat Paper With 0 Chances Up To the level of +4. Talismans Are Without Enchantments At +0, +1 And Then Their Own Basic Enchantments Come. They Can Not Be Sold,Lowered,Sold and Raised to the Seller, Like Other Items, When the Amulets Are Locked With a Binding Parchment.

Thanks to the secret knowledge of the temple Powerful elements began to be produced against the creatures. Obtaining and developing these elements will be the beginning of a difficult path. Get ready for battle! Rumor has it that the Monk Milbon can purify these elements or you can get it from the powerful chests of the Temple. Choose your element and root for the creatures of the land! Do not forget that secret lands and secret sciences have not yet opened their doors they just started opening it. You will face countless evils and unknowns. Be resilient and strong!
The talisman system provides you with the power of the elements of your character, making you stronger.
Each monster has an element that it receives power from, if you use the appropriate element talisman relative to the appropriate monster, you will become stronger.
Don't forget to stop by the Elemental World to increase the elemental power other than talismans.

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You can open level tasks via the button.
Level quests is a system that provides unique rewards only to you. According to each level, you are asked to destroy creatures and monsters in different ways. After completing the tasks, it provides you with a lot of rewards. He also takes part in extra tasks with a big reward in the december of levels. You can get a lot of unique objects here.

Through the window, you can also view those who have completed the earliest task and task details.
After completing the tasks completely, the stage will be activated; there will be Dungeon Tasks and Yohara Continent tasks.


Level tasks is a system that provides unique rewards only to you.
According to each level, you are asked to destroy creatures and monsters in different ways. The Monster Card system is available in our game. This system, of course, is integrated according to our game and fixes are provided. You can earn unique rewards and bonuses by completing tasks in the Monster Card system. But it's not easy!

You can send messages, items, gifts to your friends through the Mailbox.
A letter is a system in which you can send items and messages that you have to a friend or other character. Your Mailbox next to the warehouse is NPC. gradually, you can perform your operations if you wish. For example, if you wish to a friend who is not in the game, you can send a gift or a message. A fee of 1 Million yang is charged for each mail you send.

If a mail has arrived by you, the message button will appear on the mini-map.
If you have a Mailbox object, you can open it remotely if you do not have a Mailbox ID. you can open it by going to the.
When a gift is sent to the players by the administration, you will be able to receive it in the mailbox.
At the same time, refunds will be made via the mailbox for any problems that may occur, and the incoming mail icon will have a GM icon.

The future time is not clear and comes for a limited time.
Don't miss out on discounted items with Grab the opportunity! You can get unique objects at special discounts of up to 50%. In this way, you can get and use a lot of things with less cost. Our players can find out these opportunities in the Event section.

Now you will be able to get special offers within the game, For example, an object with a sum or singular of 250 EP will be offered at a discount of 180 EP exclusive to you with a messenger of opportunity. When there is an offer, the notification will appear in the upper right part of the game. You can see the package content and price by clicking on the notification.

Learn More Click +


You can access the Price Control button either through the "X" key or through the "Chat Expansion" button.
If you are one of our players who has news from the market, or if you have just started the game, you don't need to worry. Shop Object Price Control, if you wish, you can find out the price ranges of all items sold on the Offline Market and find out the average price determined according to it. In this way, none of our players will have any problems.

Enchantment Bot

You can access the Enchantment Bot button either through the "X" key or from the "Chat Expansion" button..
with the 100% determined magic Bot system that does not run away, you no longer need to be afraid when enchanting your belongings. Even if there is lag/ping or contraction on your computer, you can leave it on the Magsun bot as you like without any problems with this bot. When Green enchantment comes, the upper part takes the form of green, or if the Object of the Spell is finished, it provides you with information in red.


The dungeon systems button can be accessed via the " X "key, the" Chat Expansion " button, or the mini-map You can access it from the" P " (Boss Tracking) button.
Dungeon Information: Dungeon information does not only provide you with information about the Dungeon. In addition, it also provides you with the possibility of how much cooling time you have left or direct teleportation. If you wish, you can also find out the standby/cooling time here and reset it. As new dungeons come, you will be able to follow them through this list.

The Boss Tracking Window
Boss Information: With this system, you can find out if the Boss creature you want lives or how long it will be born. Detection and control are also available on 6CH/8CH. You can get information from all the bosses.
At the same time, you can find out the map where it is located, its level and its effective talisman, if any, from this window.
If the channel is over 8CH, it will be added to the window with an update.

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Auto Hunt
Automatic Hunting Assist: Skills: Choose skills for combat and place them in the gaps. (Premium) Note: You can set the activation frequency (in seconds) under Skills. Potions: Choose potions for the battle and place them in the gaps. (Premium) Note: HP and SP potions activate when the percentage value below the potion is lowered. Note: The duration of other potions is shown in seconds.

Quick Item Deletion and Reselling Window:
You can open the window with X button at the inventory.
Party Matching - Group Search:
By searching for the dungeons you want to enter, you can enter the dungeon with different people. Group Call: If you don't have a team/guild and are looking for friends to log in to the Dungeons, this system is for you! You no longer need to call someone via global chat, with this system you can make calls to other players like you and set up a group.

The Skill Selection Window:
When you reach level 5, the skill select window will be appear!
If you select the option later, a reminder will appear in front of you during your teleportation.

Additional Inventory: You can access it by pressing the "X" key or the "Chat Expand" button. You can open the additional inventory directly with "K" key.
The maximum of stack object count is 2.000.

Remote Shop Window
Thanks to the button located next to the inventory, you will be able to shop remotely without going to the villages.

Calendar of events: You can find it on the "E" button located on the mini-map.
Routine Events: Events with a specific day and time are.
Special Events: Events that are announced before a surprise or event that does not have a specific day and time are.

Beran Setaou Information Window:
While waiting for a turn in the room, you will be able to see the room information instantly and actively on the Spirit of Sura.. You can see the room information only when you approach the Sura Spirit.
The information you can see is in order: - Beran Setaou Max HP
- Room Condition
- The Guild/Team located in the room, and -The Remaining Time

Dungeon Rankings;
The information contained in the ranking, the data are old and belong to our players on our Efes server.
Rankings can be accessed either via Dungeon Tracking or via the corresponding NPC.
Images, Respectively;
* Devils Tower
* Underground Devil's Cemetery
* The Blue Dragon Room



You can access the window button either through the "X" key or through the "Chat Expansion" button;
Top 10 Battles Fought: It shows the last battles fought in the game and the ones who died the most from both guilds in this battle and never died.
Guild List Top 10: Ranks the most powerful guilds in the game.

Special Purifications:
In the game there are purifications of special dungeons and quests, as well as normal purifications.

Special purifications and connections:
- Reconstruction of Exile: Exile Cave
- Agilin's Lair: The Valley
- Underground Mines: Dragon's Nose

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New level of evolution; Ice Crystal
* It's time for your weapons. level 8, evolution is not the end. the level has been activated along with the new effect of the Ice Crystal.
With this you can unlock the next level of evolution of the weapon. The number of those who can see that charming is very small these days.


You can add an element inscription to a costume weapon.

The process of Changing the Official Elementary Script;
You will need the "Modification Inscription", in which you want to change the inscription of the costume weapons, to which you previously added the Elemental inscription. This parchment can change the basic magic of a weapon. You choose the new element.
The level of elemental magic has not changed.
The inscription of the fire
This parchment can add a base spell to a costume weapon. | In case of success, the power of fire is added to the weapon.
The inscription of the ice
This parchment can add a base spell to a costume weapon. | In case of success, the power of ice is added to the weapon.
The inscription of the lightning
This parchment can add a base spell to a costume weapon. | In case of success, the power of lightning is added to the weapon.
The inscription of the wind
This parchment can add a base spell to a costume weapon. | In case of success, the power of the wind is added to the weapon.
The inscription of the earth
This parchment can add a base spell to a costume weapon. | In case of success, the strength of the soil is added to the weapon.
The inscription of the darkness
This parchment can add a base spell to a costume weapon. | In case of success, the power of darkness is added to the weapon.

You can find a lot of new special objects in our game;
For drop information about these objects, you can decently review the update topics or perform object-specific searches through our wiki system.

Server Change Operation; From time to time, the pass ticket is active.
The Server Migration Ticket allows you to move this ticket to the other server account that is allowed. Please complete the transaction after thoroughly reading the necessary conditions.
For the moment, the transitions from our XXX section to the XXX section are active.
1. The object in the inventory is not moved to yang or won.
2. You can't move objects that are worn on the character.
Permissible transport instruction:

You can move only your characters and objects located in the repository to the other server.
When the migration process takes place, the name trace will be added to the account on the new server.
Please do the procedure after reading the necessary instructions.
Otherwise, the actions you will take will not be returned.
"sv2" will be added to the end to avoid conflict when the other server has the same username.

The last october to be added to the end of the account username: "sv2"
Sample usage; nisansv2
Transport Time: Maximum 24 Hours-Nameplate: Maximum 5 pcs

Special Modeling:
There are a lot of customized weapons, armor, sash in our game.

In the october image, the pattern of the sahsh is decorated with runic inscriptions.

Thanks to such customized windows, you will be able to have a more comfortable and easier gaming experience.

We are open to all sweet-tongued suggestions via the forum or suggestion channel.

Bot Control:
The bot control is activated, the verification process is set to 120 minutes, so as not to divide your gaming pleasure;

* You have 5 rights to enter the correct numbers.
* a confirmation window appears every 60 minutes.
* When Auto Av is active, the confirmation window does not appear.

* The bot control window has been updated and set to the position that will appear in front of you.
* The keys located on it will have to be typed from the cleared keyboard.
* You can confirm it with the OK button or use the Enter key.

Costume Window Customization:
You can set the equipment you want to hide here;
Just click on the tick.


The Spiral Bracelet and the objects of the Sphere of Development were integrated;
For the moment, you will be able to get it from the Yohara Continent;
Properties increase and decrease according to the object duration;

1 Hour: Spiral Bracelet gives october character 1 hour of additional strength along with the Spiral effect. The moment you trigger, the time starts.
12 hours: Spiral Bracelet gives October character 12 hours of additional strength along with the Spiral effect. The moment you trigger, the time starts.

1 Hour: The Sphere of Development gives october hour to the character of additional features for development. The moment you trigger, the time starts.
12 hours: The Sphere of Development gives October character 12 hours of additional features for development. The moment you trigger, the time starts.
New objects will be able to be inserted into the Devil's Silhouette slot.



New Chat filter and customization have been activated;

Crate Display:
With Shift + Mouse (mouse), you can look at the contents of the crate with a right Click and switch to other pages with tabs.

We have a lot of events that are inspired by most official games or taken from there. These events are organized regularly every week, as well as special and surprise events are available. Special events are held on "specific dates or as a surprise". Their activity time is long. Daily activities are shorter and are carried out continuously. We will only include some of them in our promotion.

Bottom Line: You can look at routine and special events with the" E " button located on the mini-map in the game.

1 Of each kingdom when the event starts. in their village, the "Merchant of Love" appears. (Winter event appears in the same position as 'Santa Claus' .)
Changes Specific to this Event; All shops and metins in the game are changed to a new version.
As soon as the event starts, you will start listening to a nice but small Piano recital.

- When the event starts, the first three objects will be available from Metin and Bosses.
* A bouquet of fresh Roses - a valuable object made for special occasions.
* Fresh Rose-a valuable object produced for special occasions.
* Valentine's Day Token - A valuable event token produced for special occasions.

Bottom line: For all the details, you can see the more information section below.

Click here to read more +


Click here to read more +


Let's War; With the arena, the effectiveness of guilds in the game will increase, and guild activities will become important. Other works considered for Lone Mountain will be a dungeon and farm map in accordance with the story. There are big booty on the Lonely Mountain. Trust your guild and rule there. There is an arena here where brave Dragon Lords used to fight. Defeat the Dragon Lord located in the arena! With your booty guild share it and declare your strength. One of the rumors is as follows; The Dragon Lord was able to leave the crate when he left the arena. The guild that deals the most damage will own the entire drop. Gather your guild and don't waste time attacking late!

Learn More Click +


Let's War; - When the event starts, if there is an event icon, or if there is none, it takes on its new appearance as follows.

- Event attendance level: 105 Levels
- 3 Kingdoms are born in their own unique starting tunnels.
- There is no participant limit.
- Can be entered as a viewer.
- Battle time: 1 Hour
- Booty time: 1 Hour
- No kingdom changes will be allowed during the event.
- The winning kingdom continues to remain on the map, and the rain of booty begins;
- A rain of booty begins for the kingdom that has reached a sufficient score; in this rain of booty there will be bosses with special drops and "Rubber Metins" that will remind you of nostalgia.
(There will be special objects for kingdom loot, and it can only be obtained from here.)
That's the" Kingdom Wars " detail for the preview.

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* Won event will be with you 2 days a week.
* You can shop at the event table with your won money.
* When the event is active, the system notifies everyone by making an announcement.
- The following are the information and rules that apply to the event;
* On event days, the event table will appear next to the warehouse.
* Each object on the event table has a global inventory.
* There is a set number of stocks for each player.
* Objects can not be purchased when the stocks are over.
* You can participate in the event only from channel 1.

Each object has a Global and Personal stock.Objects cannot be purchased when these limits are exceeded.

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During the Easter Event, the Easter Bunny The Easter Bunny appears, you can get the Easter Egg Easter Egg and the Magical Egg Magical Egg. The Easter Bunny will appear in its usual place in the first village of the kingdoms. Easter Eggs will fall to get rewards based on their level. You can get the Magical Egg from all the Easter Metins throughout the event. Mr. D. You can shop with easter money from NPC.

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The communal village (Maradon) has been prepared, you can explore the village and have a nice time;
* You can go to the map using the F6 key.
* You can open a shop in the Maradon public area.
* When you log in to the ring area in Maradon, everyone will automatically become hostile to each other and you can fight.

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You can have full-fledged battles every day in the Bozdiyar Arena.
You get 1 point for each character you kill in the Arena.
You can keep track of these scores and your required statistics without ranking
You can get a 'Coin Stone Score' by cashing your collected current points.
You can spend it in the 'Bozdiyar Stone' Market with your Bozdiyar Stone Points.
Every Sunday at 13:00 the special logo of the Ranking first becomes active.
You can see your' Bozdiyar Stone Score ' instantly from the Inventory Capital guide.
There are stocks of products in the Bozdiyar Stone market, and when the stocks are over -
The inventory renewal period is activated after which the inventory is renewed.
Arena ranking is renewed every 2 minutes.
The player who is the first in the arena ranking is preceded by the logo (tag) in the top image.

* Rules of the Bozdiyar Arena *

You can not constantly interrupt the same player for a certain period of time.
In the Bozdiyar arena, you can't earn points by killing your own character.
In order for you to enter the Bozdiyar arena, you must be at least 95. you should also level up.
When the Bozdiyar arena is closed, you cannot earn points from the characters you kill.
You can not enter Bozdiyar arena by horse/horse and you can not call in the Arena.
The current score in the arena is reduced to -1 points when you are killed after reaching 5.

Although it is not certain, the Arena will be active every day in the 19:00 - 20:00 band.
The first place in the ranking will receive its first title and logo (tag) at 13:00 on Sunday.

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